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  • Frank and the team at Quality have been an invaluable resource as our business has grown and we have transitioned our offerings to new industries. From day one, we have received the same great service and support, which we consider a benchmark for all vendors. 

    James Wegner, Partner: VariDirect

  • "Reliable, friendly and attentive service all the time. This has been a vendor that has helped us grow year after year."

    Gregory Van Houten: GVH Studio, Inc.

  • "For many years, Karl Weisenhorn and Quality Media have been a great resource for product knowledge and advice. Karl has gone above and beyond the call of duty in providing guidance for our large format product line. The Quality products that Karl recommended exceeded our expectations."

    Joe Duffy: Print Big/Next Page

  • "We recently purchased a new laminator from Quality Media and Laminating Solutions and cannot be happier. It is not often that a machine lives up to the hype, but this machine has and our production staff loves using it. In addition, the knowledge they provide us to make sure we are using the right material for the job is priceless."

    Dan Lienemann: Vice President, Vital Signs Display Graphics

  • "I truly enjoy working with Karl Weisenhorn, Quality Media's Midwest Sales Representative. Karl is an encyclopedia of knowledge of anything dealing with graphics media. Not only is he able to inform and educate you on any of the products that Quality Media sells, but is able to direct you to sources for products that Quality Media does not stock on their shelves. Karl is the guy who can provide solutions to most any graphic challenge dealing with media or hardware. He's my 'go to guy'."

    Pete Gallo: Vista Color Imaging, Inc.

  • "Over the last 7 years, I have been working with Quality Media and their Midwest rep Karl Weisenhorn.  Not only Karl but the WHOLE QUALITY team has demonstrated their superior product knowledge and the industry's leading customer service team delivers repeatedly! Over the years I have had the opportunity to visit with many of their field reps, their admin staff and I can honestly tell you - you will not find a more dedicated and talented family anywhere in our industry.  Simply put - they do what they say they are going to do. It's rare in business today to have a supplier that delivers on every promise, and is there to support you when you need them most.  Most want to just sell SKUs and collect a payment, often with a "what did you buy today" attitude.  Karl and the support team at Quality have always been there for us - they have our back covered!"

    Chad Nannenga, VP of Business Services: NorthWest Visual

  • "Quality Media and Laminating Solutions has been out premier supplier for all of our businesses. From our commercial & pro portrait printing, to our retail & online, Quality provides us with the needed materials for our production to run smoothly. Quality Media has earned our trust and business with quality products and knowledge of materials that is hard to find in this industry."

    Toren Prawdzik, Vice-President: Allied Imaging Lab/Photo EVO Pro

  • "Graphic Systems Inc. has been a growing and successful graphic provider both nationally and world-wide. A key component of our success has been partnering with knowledgeable, responsible vendors who share our goal to be the best in the industry. Quality Media and Laminating Solutions has worked with our sales and production teams for over 12 years and provided us products, service and support that has insured our clients’ satisfaction with our services. The challenge to meet the dynamic demands of the graphic imaging marketplace has been a team effort with our suppliers who invest their energies and knowledge to assure that we provide the products our customers seek. Quality has been a key vendor and partner for us in achieving this goal. We value this partnership and depend on their dedicated efforts to work with us in a variety of demanding applications."

    Herm Kauls, President: Graphic Systems Inc.

  • "I can't think of how far back our relationship goes with Quality Media; maybe ten or fifteen years. Regardless, over that time Quality has always been a good partner. They've been a consistent supplier and have always stepped up if anything has gone awry. Numerous times I have called with questions about new medias and even mystery medias, and the guys have always jumped in to help me out."

    Roy McCutchen, CEO: Photo Craft Imaging / GrafXGroup / Boulder Pro Photo

  • "Burne Visual Imaging is an evolving imaging lab that has been in business for over 30 years. Our challenge has been to adapt and adjust to changing technology and markets. We have learned that knowledgeable and dedicated vendors, along with consistent products and dependable delivery are critical to our success. Our Quality Media rep, Karl Weisenhorn, has continued to support and assist our imaging endeavors, and the entire Quality team has been a positive and dependable partner for us, who we enjoy working with. This is the kind of valued vendor that is essential for us to succeed in today’s competitive and challenging imaging industry. We appreciate the partnership and quality of product that Quality Media has always provided for us."

    Barry R. Burne, President/Owner: Burne Photo Imaging, Inc.

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